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EP 89 - Dominick Peasley: "Be more selfish and say No to more"
Episode 897th June 2022 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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Joining us this week is Dominick Peasley, CEO of Sprk Capital, an online lender to businesses engaged in Research and Development.

Before joining Sprk, Dominik was responsible for all lending capital at Funding Circle and raised over a whopping £6bn to support SMEs in the UK, and also co-founded Capital-B, a FinTech advisory and capital placement agency focused on developing lending businesses.

Dominik has also worked for Goldman Sachs where he was Head of UK Distribution for its asset management business. A sparkling CV to say the least!

Check out Dominik Peasley's recommendations:

  • "The Loudest Duck" by Laura Liswood
  • "Radical Candor" by Kim Scott
  • "Grit" by Angela Duckworth

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