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78. Sherry Strong - The Sweet and Deadly Truth
Episode 7831st July 2019 • University of Adversity • Lance W Essihos
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In this episode, Lance and Sherry Strong discuss her goal to help 1 million people with overcome sugar addiction.

Sherry is a Food Philosopher, Chef, Nutritional Strategist, TEDxTokyo 2009 speaker and one of the most passionate yet lucid speakers on food & nutrition. She has spent over 25 years studying Human Nutrition, Health and Behavioural Science, food and wellness.

Today, Sherry is the Founder of Return to Food Academy and Sweet Freedom Life Project, the world’s most holistic program to end sugar addiction for good. Through online programs, retreats, and live coaching, Sherry and her team go beyond the physical to look at the mental, emotional and spiritual drivers behind our sugar addiction. In addition, she also wrote & illustrated a book called ‘A Return To Food – the life-changing anti-diet’ which is she presents the philosophies such as Nature’s Principle, The Lethal Recipe and The Consumption Concept, that form the foundation for her 8-week Online Program teaching people to develop a healthy relationship with food and their body.

Sherry Strong tells listeners: “If we’re nourished mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically we don’t need these substances to make us feel good because we can generate that sense of well-being internally.”


  • Causes of sugar addiction and how to quit
  • How the body processes different kinds of sugar
  • The philosophy behind sugar and food addiction
  • Global and environmental impact of sugar and processed food

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