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Sustainable Healing Through Functional Medicine with Kirkland Newman
Episode 326th September 2022 • The Natural Evolution • Michael Roesslein
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Kirkland Newman is a London-based journalist, entrepreneur and philanthropist who struggled with her diagnosis of postpartum depression. While navigating through panic attacks & anxiety, she found her path to self-recovery within integrative medicine. As a result of her discoveries, Kirkland founded MindHealth360, a website that provides free resources on integrative mental health and functional medicine, and its corresponding interview show, The MindHealth360 Show.

In this episode Kirkland shares how finding functional medicine after the birth of her children completely changed the state of her health and functioned as the turning point that led to her founding MindHealth360. You’ll learn about the gap that exists between mental health practitioners and other medical professionals, and why such a gap exists in a world with so many medical advancements. Kirkland discusses this gap in depth, and how integrative mental health could be integral in closing it.

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