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Rebel Performance Radio - Rebel Performance EPISODE 60, 24th January 2021
Ep 60: How to PR Every Week with Keiran Halton
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Ep 60: How to PR Every Week with Keiran Halton

Today’s guest is Keiran Halton, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Brunswick School and founder of Halton Performance. Keiran’s passion for holistic health and fitness led him to open his doors as a trainer to clients of every type, from average Joes to preteens to professional athletes to seniors in their 90s.

This episode is a case study. Today we break down how Keiran helped somebody else (let’s call them “Bob”) overcome some movement-based issues and back pain complications and, as a result, helped them hit a PR every single week for a month straight. What makes this even more interesting is that this all happened throughout 2020 when every gym was shut down. What’s more, Bob started with nothing more than a dumbbell and a band to work with for the first few weeks.

We dive into the tactics, strategies, and plans that were used to help create this amazing physical transformation during an incredibly uncertain and confining year.

Listen in as Keiran breaks down Bob’s desired results, what his starting numbers were on day one, the protocol and plan put into place to help him achieve those goals, and the obstacles and setbacks he experienced along the way.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [08:21] Bob’s current numbers and desired results when he came to Keiran in April 2020
  • [12:46] Bob’s physical condition and concerns at the beginning
  • [15:45] How the training schedule was set up around Bob’s busy workdays
  • [21:41] Training for six months with limited equipment
  • [25:37] An example of a training day
  • [35:26] Transitioning into using barbells and other weighted equipment
  • [42:06] Breaking new PRs every week
  • [49:26] How simply improving your technique can help you hit new PRs in various lifts

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