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What Do YOU Do? Podcast - The JAM Production Company EPISODE 12, 3rd May 2020
Empowering Woman Through Fashion with Suzy Tamasy
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Empowering Woman Through Fashion with Suzy Tamasy

THe COVID-19 Pandemic didn't stop Matt & Al from pulling together this episode with Suzy Tamazy the CEO and Founder of Suzy Q Jewels and Fashion as well as well known community leader and supporter of local area woman's shelters.

Matt & Al setup a conference call with Suzy to discuss the origin and history of her now almost decade old fashion empire and how she uses the proceeds, fame and popularity of her fashion events to promote a message of female empowerment in our communities.

The trio discuss the origins of and humble beginnings of Suzy's endeavours. How she started Suzy Q Jewels and Frugal Divas back in 2012. An initiative to empower and support woman in business and in our communities.

Since then her mini empire has grown to include clothing and her own fashion designs that has also grown into several non-profit community initiatives to help local woman's shelters.

Suzy has also grown as a local community leader, mentor to young woman in the fashion world and publisher of her own fashion magazine called "Biz and Fashion" available on magcloud in digital and print formats.

To learn more about Suzy and Suzy Q Fashion and Jewels check out her website


You can also find Suzy on Facebook @suzyqjewels and Instagram @suzytamasysuzyqjewelsfashion

Biz & Fashion Magazine on Magcloud: