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Performance Review Anxiety? Try The Woolly Jumper Test! [Episode 25]
Episode 252nd December 2022 • Ditching Imposter Syndrome • Clare Josa
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Got performance review anxiety? Try the woolly jumper test and feel it boost your confidence, even if you get 'constructive criticism'.

It's that time of year - performance reviews and appraisals are upon us. And my research shows that 77% of people dread them.

So in this episode of the Ditching Imposter Syndrome podcast, I'm taking you on a tour of what our research says about why this is, plus sharing practical strategies you can use to set yourself free from performance review anxiety, even if your appraisal is in the next couple of days.

Here's What We'll Cover About The Woolly Jumper Test 

  • What the research says about performance reviews and why so many of us worry about them
  • How you're not alone in this - your boss might be dreading it, too!
  • The role of Imposter Syndrome in performance reviews, and how appraisals risk making it worse
  • Why constructive criticism and the feedback sandwich need to go straight in the bin
  • The two ways people take feedback - and one of them might surprise you
  • The two types of fear, and which one is secretly running your performance review anxiety
  • Three hot tips for recipients and performance review-givers
  • And how the woolly jumper test could become your new BFF, whenever you're given feedback

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