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E1 | Season 2 - Stefan Krause (Canoo, BMW, Faraday Future, Deutsche Bank & Rolls-Royce)
Episode 122nd June 2021 • Accelerated with Vitaly Golomb • Vitaly M. Golomb
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On this first episode of "Accelerated" Season 2, I spoke with Drake Star Senior Advisor, Stefan Krause - Founder of Canoo, CFO of Faraday Future, BMW, and Deutsche Bank. Stefan shared his views on the EV revolution (and the non-obvious challenge for legacy brands in the transition), when we can expect to see autonomy on the road, building brands, making the transition from a corporate career to entrepreneurship, and why SPACs are here to stay.

Stefan Krause is a Senior Advisor to Drake Star Partners and currently the CIO and CFO of Levere Holdings Acquisition Corp. a SPAC focused on Mobility in Europe. Before this he has been a successful entrepreneur in the Electric Car industry. Before founding EVelozcity he was the CFO and COO at Faraday Future in Los Angeles, Co-founder, CEO and Chairman of Canoo, COO and President of Fisker. Stefan has approximately 30 years of experience in the automotive and banking industries. Most notably, Stefan was Global CFO of BMW AG and Global CFO at Deutsche Bank. During Stefan's 20 year long career at BMW he held various positions in Engineering, Sales, Marketing & Financial Services at BMW in Germany and the US. In 2002 he was promoted to the Board of Management of BMW as Global CFO. During his tenure he was also CEO of Rolls Royce and closely involved with the relaunch of the MINI Brand. Stefan has a high passion for automobiles and the future of mobility, with extensive experience in marketing and lifestyle brands. His love for cars coupled with his deep network in automotive, finance and technology has motivated him to pursue his life-long dream of creating an EV brand in an effort to address the rising demand and the future of clean mobility.

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