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CPOP: The Four Pillars of Successful Project Management
Episode 102nd July 2024 • Real World Entrepreneurship • Alan Clarke
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In this episode of the Real World Entrepreneurship Podcast, hosts Bhairav Patel and Alan Clarke dive deep into the reasons why projects often fail and share valuable insights on how to avoid common pitfalls. Drawing from their extensive experience in the business and technology worlds, they highlight the importance of the "CPOP" principles - Communication, People, Oversight, and Planning - in ensuring project success.

Key topics covered in this episode include:

1. The critical role of thorough planning and requirements gathering at the outset of a project

2. The importance of maintaining open, honest communication between all stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle

3. The impact of having the right people involved who are invested in the project's success and empowered to make decisions

4. The need for regular oversight to track progress against milestones and course-correct as necessary

5. How the "CPOP" principles should be applied at every stage of a project, not just at the beginning

Bhairav and Alan share real-world examples and anecdotes to illustrate these points, making the lessons both relatable and actionable for entrepreneurs and project managers alike. They also touch on the dangers of letting ego-driven agendas derail projects and emphasize the importance of staying focused on the ultimate goal.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this episode offers valuable wisdom on navigating the challenges of bringing a project to fruition. Tune in for some hard-won insights and practical tips on keeping your next project on track and avoiding the common reasons why projects fail.

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