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281: Women, Hormones & Alcohol with Brooke Scheller
Episode 28128th November 2022 • The Period Party • Nicole Jardim
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Brooke Scheller is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and Certified Nutrition Specialist in New York City. She specializes in using nutrition and functional medicine practices to help change your relationship with alcohol, heal your body from the damages of long-term drinking, and address chronic health concerns that overlap with regular alcohol use. She is the founder of the Functional Sobriety Network and is currently authoring a book that will be published in late 2023.


This is the first time I’ve dedicated a show to the effects of alcohol on our bodies and our hormones, and it’s about time! Brooke is so knowledgeable, and she seriously delivers the goods. In this episode, we talk about Brooke’s evolving relationship with alcohol, cultural messaging around women and alcohol, how alcohol invades our mental space through the media, peer pressure around drinking, the physiological impact of alcohol, how alcohol leads to hormone imbalances, getting support and accountability on your sober-curious journey, and so much more!

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