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Unf*ck My Business - Unfuck My Business EPISODE 17, 16th February 2021
Love Yo Self
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Love Yo Self

"If you're not taking care of your basic needs to stay healthy, you're not gonna have any energy left for that business."

Yes. You have to love yourself before anyone else can love you. And the same holds true for your business. If you are your business and you're not taking care of yourself your business will eventually suffer. We may not know what the fuck self-care is, but we have some ideas on how to show yourself a little love so you can show up fully for your business. Sit down in your favorite chair and get cozy. It's you-time, dammit.

In this episode: Chris 'Jinx' Jenkins, Jenn Bolivar, Victor Bolivar, Kathleen Seide, Robyn Sayles


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