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FoA 394: Farm Equipment Innovations and Investments With Marc Kermisch of CNH Industrial
20th December 2023 • Future of Agriculture • Tim Hammerich
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Marc Kermisch is the Industrial Global Chief Digital and Information Officer of CNH Industrial. Under his leadership, the Company’s Information Technology (IT) and Digital organizations are focused on delivering easy to use, mobile first digital experiences, coupled with advanced vehicle technology that drives productivity for customers. He is also responsible for leading the Company’s global product engineering, industrial design and R&D teams, strengthening its alternative propulsion offering and overseeing product safety and compliance. All of these efforts ensure the Company’s vast product portfolio meets the highest standards for customers.

I probably don’t have to introduce CNH Industrial to you, but the short version is that they are an agricultural and construction capital equipment manufacturer. His own description of his job is to deliver deliver software to customers, dealers and employers that is easy to use to makes their job easier every day.

 Make sure you stay tuned to the end of today’s episode for a more detailed spotlight of Adam Henkel and how he’s using technology like Farmwave on his farm.