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136. Innovating Imagination: A Social Platform For All with Kieron Bain
Episode 1363rd June 2024 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Our guest on the podcast today is Kieron Bain, a visionary thinker and the architect behind the innovative blockchain social media network, Panjea. In this episode, Kieron speaks to the problems and challenges inherent within the current social media landscapes and yet not always visible to us as users. Kieron emphasizes the troubling realities of content monetization, the quest for validation, and the altered sense of self these platforms can engender.

He also shares his journey from a high-powered salesman to conceptualizing Panjea—a now three-year endeavor to rebuild social connections by fostering authentic creativity and putting the power back into the hands of creators. He casts a critical eye on what he describes as the "casino algorithm" pervasive in platforms like TikTok. He proposes a new social engagement model using blockchain that democratizes governance and distribution through a very different design, functionality, and remuneration model that mirrors the human mind's structure. As you will hear, Kieron is creating Panjea to operate on a unique economic model that includes a subscription and pay-to-post system, returning 90% of revenues to creators.

Join us as we explore Kieron's vision for Panjea to harmonize technological abundance with societal healing, pivoting towards a more human platform that values individuals and their unique stories. And prepare to be inspired by a conversation that challenges the status quo and reimagines the potential of digital spaces to unite rather than divide.

Key Takeaways

  • Kieron’s unique life journey from improv comedy to high-powered sales that planted the seeds for his work today
  • The hidden issues with today’s social media landscape
  • A new vision for social media democratized for all and the benefits to individuals
  • Empowering voices and creativity through social relationships and humane technology
  • How decentralizing social media is good for everyone

Memorable Quote

"I get this very deep sense that everything that we need to know about life is already encoded inside us through our emotions and our love.”—Kieron Bain

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