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The Alchemy Of Genius w/ Arihia Sun
Episode 230th November 2020 • The Sovereign Medicine Podcast • Dan Strelan
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Episode 2 welcomes new paradigm visionary leader - Arihia Sun. This powerful co-creation between Dan & Arihia is sure to spark some 'aha' moments as the conversation reveals some of the 'missing information' in popular law of attraction teachings. 

The Alchemy Of Genius takes the work of Manifestation out of the pseudo-spiritual "woo-woo" category and places it in the more practical realms of creativity and leadership. Arihia teaches us how we can hold the tension between our lofty, yet attainable visions and the gritty nature of current reality.

Alchemy includes shadow work, yet it transcends shadow work. It honours vibrational alignment, yet demands congruent action. Above all, the true alchemist understands the absolute gift of Tension, and uses it to their advantage.

Who Is Arhia Sun?

Arihia Sun is a leading visionary and truth deliverer in the genius zone of marrying energetics & purpose work in the field of business.

Since leaving her brick and mortar hospitality business in 2012 Arihia trained as a kinesiologist to better understand the Blueprint of human behaviour and limitations, for the purpose of finding a clear way to overcome them & help others to do the same.

Arihia was called to travel the world and in doing so worked with the greatest minds and leaders in the personal development and Alchemy space. From Authors to health guru’s Spiritual guides. yogi’s. pranic livers, humanitarians, new age politicians, influencers, entrepreneurs, Shamans, Medicine men and energy workers.

Her body of work led her back to the powerful vehicle of business, entrepreuship, community building and conscious wealth creation.

Arihia has developed unique intuitive skills to empower others into their greatness and place the power back in their hands to be able to make pure aligned choices that bring them to experience the dreams that they came here to be and have. 

Arihia’s genius zone is to work with people in supporting to help them realise and bring to fruition the soul seeds that they know have been within them their whole life. To actualise as the true millionaire/ billionaire, influencer, world changer, healer or visionary, parent, new paradigm builder that they came here to be. 

Using very clear and consistently reliable intuitive systems and practices, Arihia is able to bring people from their current reality to where their vision is. In practical, tangible ways!

Arihia has gathered the best working technology from modalities, spiritual communities, entrepreneurial spaces and metaphysical knowledge from around the globe.

Arihia Sun: simplifying the things that matter and finding clear pathways to your genius zone. 

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