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Never Forget Where You Came From and Help Others Along the Way with Dr. Terrie Garcia
Episode 826th April 2021 • Our Roots Say That We're Sisters • Marquette University
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In this episode our host Sheena Carey talks to Dr. Terrie Garcia, Coordinator of the Project BEYOND-2 at the College of Nursing. 

Episode Highlights: 

01:25 – I have many identities, and my identities have evolved throughout my lifetime. I am a mother, I’m a daughter, I’m a wife, I’m a nurse, but I think that the identity that I carry most with me, that’s most deeply rooted, is being Mexican American, because I think that I can walk into a room and people may not know that I am a mother, or a nurse, but they can speculate that I am perhaps a woman of color because of the way I look. 

04:50 – There were very few Hispanic nurses, and as a result of that I started to investigate and figure out what I could do to support people of color to become nurses. 

09:35 – I think that Marquette’s impact is the people, the individuals, the relationships that they build with each other and with the students.   

11:05 – I think it’s how we respond to those challenges, that is key. We can do this by conveying a sense of self-assurance, developing our emotional intelligence, and a strong understanding of who we are: stay genuine, be yourself, don’t change to please others. I think that establishing a strong sense of identity is important.  


01:10 - What is the story you’d like to share? – I think I’d like to share the story about my identity, growing up as a first-generation Mexican American woman.

01:56 – Where do you come from? – I come from a small town in Texas, Crystal City – It’s known for its spinach, and it also has a lot of political history.   

03:05 – How did your identity put you on the path that you’re now on? – Honestly, for years I did not know what path I was on. I did not really have a path. The people that I came across in my life helped me navigate that. 

07:00 – What are the ways in which this mural project resonates for you? – The mural project reminds me of the long history of strong women in my family who fought for equity and social justice.

07:53 – Are there other women of color who have inspired you? – I keep going back to my family: my aunt Irene Santos, my mother, and my grandmother, my cousin Barbara Medina, and her mother. 

09:06 – What’s been Marquette’s impact on the lives of women of color? – I think I have been very positively impacted by Marquette. I’ve had mentors within the University that have really seen my potential and have guided and supported me to be able to pursue my doctoral degree. 

09:45 - What role has vulnerability played in the story that you’re sharing with us today? – I have realized it can be one of many great strengths, because it allowed me to grow emotionally, professionally. It helped me to share my story with students of color.

10:33 – What’s been the role of women of color in helping you negotiate some of these challenges? – Women of color have been marginalized for a very long time. We need to advocate, nurture, encourage and implant the seeds in the younger generation so they can see their beauty, strengths and potential. 

12:33 – Can you tell us a little bit about the program that you are director of? – We recruit graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds in nursing. We have 111 students in the program. And we offer programming from individual advising to tutoring to structured programming.  

14:26 - What are your hopes for the future? – I hope that all those biases and isms that affect our students will cease to exist. I hope for many things. 

15:45 – Is there anything else you'd like our community to know about your journey? – My life has been an interesting, messy, complicated journey with many dead ends that have rerouted me to where I am today. My migrant activist aunt taught me to never forget where you came from and help others along the way.  

Contact information:

Jacki Black

pronouns: she/her/hers

Associate Director for Hispanic Initiatives

Marquette University

454 Zilber Hall | PO Box 1881 | Milwaukee, WI 53201



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