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Redefining AI Hardware for Enterprise with SambaNova’s Rodrigo Liang
11th April 2024 • Gradient Dissent: Conversations on AI • Lukas Biewald
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🚀 Discover the cutting-edge AI hardware development for enterprises in this episode of Gradient Dissent, featuring Rodrigo Liang, CEO of SambaNova Systems. 

Rodrigo Liang’s journey from Oracle to founding SambaNova is a tale of innovation and determination. In this episode, Rodrigo discusses the importance of specialized hardware in unlocking AI's potential for Enterprise businesses and SambaNova's mission to deliver comprehensive AI solutions from chips to models. 

Explore the critical insights on navigating the challenges of introducing AI to executives and the evolution of AI applications within large enterprises, and get a glimpse into the future of AI in the business world.

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