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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 47, 19th July 2021
Olivia Michaud | Product Marketing Lead at Tresorit
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Olivia Michaud | Product Marketing Lead at Tresorit

This week on Product Marketing Insider, we're joined by Olivia Michaud, Product Marketing Lead at Tresorit. Olivia helps companies build compelling products by uniting product, marketing, and sales teams. Join us, as she outlines her product marketing journey.


"You need to be the one reminding everyone who you're building for, and who you're marketing to. That's what I see as my responsibility as well. Just always reminding everyone there's a person at the center of this, and this is who that person is and this is what they care about. And finally, maybe to communicate clearly and early with your stakeholders. 

"You'll have to understand their pressures, I would look to understand exactly what they need to do their job well, and position yourself where you can add the most value. For example, what does the product team need most from you? It depends on how many product managers you work with, but what is it that you can do for them that will help them most."