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Top Traders Unplugged - Niels Kaastrup-Larsen 15th February 2021
SI127: Bitcoin's rise to $50,000 & new Ethereum futures ft. Moritz Seibert
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SI127: Bitcoin's rise to $50,000 & new Ethereum futures ft. Moritz Seibert

Today, we discuss Bitcoin’s rise to $50,000 and how to judge its future role in society, Moritz’s incredible start to the year without changing any part of his trading system, CME’s introduction of Ethereum futures, The Big Short’s Michael Burry calling a top in Tesla, India’s proposed Bitcoin ban, and how a fascinating study, using over 1 million investment combinations, showed that a 30% allocation to Trend Following increased risk-adjusted-returns on every single occasion.

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Episode TimeStamps:

00:00 – Intro

01:16 – Macro recap from Niels

04:57 – Weekly review of performance

41:32 – Q1; Kevin: In a continuous Trend Following strategy with no stops, is there anyway to minimise the whipsaw action during a trend change?

47:10 – Q2; Simon: How do you measure the business risks that aren’t related to market performance?

49:59 – Q3; Danny: What are your thoughts on using an overall portfolio-based stop-loss

55:14 – Q4; Tsatios: To what extent is hedge fund performance a result of skills in accounting & tax laws, on top of performance in the markets?

01:00:56 – Benchmark performance update

01:21:21 – Recommended listening or reading this week: Macro Voices Podcast ft Jim Bianco & Jeremy Grantham on the Meb Faber show