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62: After The Launch
Episode 6226th May 2020 • The Elevate Effect® • Kathryn Binkley
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Hooray! You survived a launch! But is it really over yet? Many entrepreneurs skip out on the important steps after the launch... which is only the beginning of your relationship with your new customers.

Apart from welcoming your new customers, here are 8 tips for after the launch:

1. Pass the baton.

Even before the launch starts, communicate with the Fulfillment or Client/Customer Success Team to share the plans and tasks that'll need to be completed after the launch.

2. Map out the customer experience.

From the point where customers sign up, every step of their journey should be mapped out and a timeline should be established.

3. Set clear expectations from the beginning and over communicate.

Start communicating expectations and next steps with your new customers from the Thank You page, then continue to provide the important details through the onboarding process. You can do this in many ways including in an email sequence, getting started guide in the members area and posts in online community.

4. Surprise and delight.

Throw in some bonuses or hold a special event like a welcome party. Be creative!

5. Prep the Customer Service team.

Before the launch, establish clear terms and conditions, anticipate a higher volume of people who will need support, and make sure that the Customer Service Team is all on the same page.

6. Hold a formal launch debrief.

Review all launch statistics and talk with the team on what went well and what didn't. This is also an opportunity to discuss what can be improved for your next launch.

7. Archive all launch assets for future reference.

This includes everything (copy, images, project plans, metrics, etc.) that led you to a successful launch and that you will want to have on file for next time.

8. Rest.

After all the hard work, you absolutely need some self-care to recharge!

"After the launch is just as, if not, actually more important than the launch itself!" - Kathryn Binkley #theelevateeffect

Remember not to skip these 8 important steps for your next launch. Hope this helps!

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