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A Family Chat About Israel and Palestine
Episode 3714th May 2024 • Black White and Blue in the South • Dr. Jumelle Brooks and Bill Kimler
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We welcome William C Kimler V, a 25-year-old Gen-Z'er who offers his perspective on the crisis in Palestine!

Opening Banter (00:00)

Introduction (1:02)

  • Donald Trump Owned Several Atlantic City Casinos That Went Bankrupt (Yahoo!)
  • Trump praises fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter during rally speech (The Guardian)
  • Supreme Court rules no quick hearing required when police seize property (
  • SC commission announces 6 candidates for next supreme court seat (WIS TV)
  • SC Supreme Court finalist include 1 male and 2 females ( )
  • South Carolina Republicans reject 2018 Democratic governor nominee’s bid to be judge (AP)
  • Has SC’s largest charter school district misused state funds? Lawmakers demand an audit (The State)
  • Erskine again denied reaffirmation of accreditation (Index Journal)

Interview with Will Kimler about Gen Z's perspective on the Palestinian-Israeli crisis (13:17)

What’s happening in the Middle East

  • Nearly 35,000 Palestinians dead as Gaza faces dueling famine, sanitation crises (UPI)
  • Cindy McCain: There is ‘full-blown famine’ in northern Gaza (The Hill)
  • US pauses shipment of bombs Israel could use in Rafah (Politico)
  • ‘Uncommitted’ movement calls Biden’s halt of some US weapons to Israel ‘step forward’ (The Hill)
  • Rick Scott: Biden now part of ‘pro-Hamas group’ of Democratic Party (The Hill)
  • Sanders says he’s worried Biden could lose election over Gaza war (The Hill)
  • Reports mount of mass graves at Gaza hospitals, some bodies found ‘without heads’ (The Hill)
  • Graham: Only ‘dumba‑‑es and ‘terrorist sympathizers’ among Gaza protesters (The Hill)
  • Biden administration steps up pressure on Israel over cease-fire, hostage talks as Rafah assault intensifies (ABC News)
  • U.S. says military pier will increase aid to Gaza. Humanitarian groups have doubts (NPR)
  • Israeli whistleblowers allege abuse of Palestinians at Sde Teiman military base (The Hill)
  • Israel detains journalists on suspicions of working for Al Jazeera (UPI)
  • Flow of aid into Gaza has almost entirely dried up, UN says (Boston Globe)
  • Sanders says Americans don’t ‘want to be complicit’ in ‘starvation’ in Gaza (The Hill)

What’s happening on college campuses

  • Pro-Palestinian protesters are backed by a surprising source: Biden’s biggest donors (Politico)
  • Media coverage of campus protests tends to focus on the spectacle, rather than the substance (The Conversation)
  • As pro-Palestinian encampments spread to European campuses, UK government seeks to head off unrest (AP)
  • Few college students list Middle East conflict as most important issue to them: Survey (The Hill)
  • Divesting university endowments: Easier demanded than done (The Conversation)
  • I attended college in an era of protest. I see a big difference in today’s demonstrations (The State)
  • Most in new survey have negative view of pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses (The Hill)
  • History is on the side of student protest movements (The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Closing (45:29)

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