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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 36, 19th February 2021
Product Marketing Insider | Kacy Boone, InVision
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Product Marketing Insider | Kacy Boone, InVision

This week on Product Marketing Insider we’re joined by Kacy Boone, Director of Product Marketing at InVision. We discuss her journey into product marketing, career path to date, why she loves the role, the PM-PMM relationship, essential ingredients for a successful launch, top skills, tips for others, the future of PMM, and more. 


"I think there are always things to improve. Product marketing is still kind of a new role. It's not as far along I would say as other roles like product design used to be super new and foreign. I think product marketing is following a similar path. I think we're getting better at the PM to PMM ratio, they can still be painful, I think where you're talking about it more and that's good and I think a lot of companies are aware that there should be an ideal ratio, of course, that changes based on the company."