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Microsoft Holds Execs Accountable, FBI Warns of Gift Card Fraud, New Spectre-Style Attack Unveiled!
10th May 2024 • The Daily Threat • QIT Solutions
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In today’s episode of The Daily Threat, we cover three critical cybersecurity stories shaping the landscape:

Microsoft announces executive accountability for cybersecurity. Learn how this move impacts businesses worldwide. Read more: #Microsoft #Cybersecurity #ExecutiveAccountability
The FBI issues a warning about a gift card fraud ring targeting retail companies. Discover the risks and how businesses can protect themselves. Read more: #FBI #GiftCardFraud #Retail #Cybersecurity
Researchers uncover a new Spectre-style attack, dubbed Pathfinder. Understand the implications of this hardware vulnerability and how organizations can defend against it. Read more: #Spectre #Pathfinder #Cybersecurity #HardwareVulnerability
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