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Digestive Issues, ADHD and Food with Ian Chattam
Episode 2517th January 2022 • Love This Food Thing • Jemma Richards
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Ian was a sensitive child who suffered debilitating migraines and digestive issues from a young age.

Desperate to be free of these symptoms, Ian eliminated certain foods that severely restricted his diet. His parents, both professional chefs, did their utmost to feed him healthy and varied food, especially his Mum. But, what they couldn’t prevent was the extreme anxiety Ian felt and the physical behaviours he exhibited as a result of their divorce.

Some respite came by way of a therapist (which was unusual for a child in 1970’s Britain) and Ian enjoyed moments of “chill” during their sessions. But the physical signs and anxiety persisted into adult life as Ian constantly assessed his diet and lifestyle.

At long last, age forty-eight, Ian was formally diagnosed with ADHD and his world began to make sense.

Join me to hear how Ian copes and what a relief it is to finally understand himself.


[02:20] - Food always a problem

[16:10] - Migraines and ADHD

[19:40] - ADHD triggers in childhood 

[28:00] - Eating with the right intention


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