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Steps to becoming a culture carrier
Episode 4529th June 2021 • The Art of Leadership • Dr. Niña Ellison
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Steps to becoming a culture carrier

There is a standard belief that it takes 2-3 years to change a culture.  Do we have this kind of time

when the cultures that are being sought are so relevant to the needs identified for today?

Defining culture carriers:   

  • A culture carrier is someone who has taken the time to have more than a surface knowledge of the company. 
  • A culture carrier can hold a conversation about what the company vision, mission and values mean to them personally.
  • A culture carrier puts culture into action as they work and as they interact with others.

Three steps I recommend towards gaining awareness for becoming a culture carrier:

Step #1: Understand the 3 key elements that intersect to allow culture to come alive! 

Step #2: Explore thoughts, ideas and action that are seen at the intersection of vision, mission and values

Step #3: Put experiences into actions that can be seen.  What you see you can measure. 

The bottom line to culture carriers loosing influence is not lacking in the vision and mission being embraced; it is in the actual living out of the the core values. 

Practical application for you and your team:

1.       Review the 3 key elements of vision, mission, and values and personalize what they mean to each person. This will introduce the idea of culture coming alive! 

2.       Explore more deeply what is anticipated at the intersection of vision, mission and values and identify what it looks like in practical scenarios – both real and imaginary. 

3.       Start to put these ideas into action, putting a tool in place to measure what you see.   

The more you measure and celebrate what culture carriers are doing the more you communicate that there is a way to become a culture carrier.  This is not a mystery.  It is a choice.

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