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Fear Street Trilogy (2021)
Episode 724th July 2021 • Film Trace • Film Trace
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Great art can often seem to appear out of nowhere. It can also be hidden in genre and forms that don't always carry the clout of prestige. A trilogy of straight-to-streaming slasher films is not exactly where a film scholar would go to find depth or richness. Yet, the farther we dug into the Fear Street trilogy, the more we tended to find. The experimental release strategy of three feature films being released over three weeks on Netflix doesn't sound that radical. But the final results created a sweet spot between the boldness of film and the strong narrative skeleton of television. Leigh Janiak has created something special with the Fear Street trilogy, and we hope what she accomplished isn't lost in the daily dump of new streaming content.

Join us as we trace the life of the Fear Street trilogy from conception (Fox News exec wants an MCU for horror) to production (shot back to back over 6 months) to release (theatrical scuttled for Netflix 3 weeks rollout) to reception (critically praised, widely watched, but will it be remembered?)




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