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Reflections on Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo 2024 [E124]
Episode 1246th March 2024 • Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z • LSTN Media LLC
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Have you discovered the power of training conferences? It’s not just the learning—it's the collaboration of minds, the shared experiences, and the connections that make them invaluable. 

Show Notes

  • Reflections on Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo 2024 (00:01:32) Personal observations and experiences at the Vision 2024 conference.
  • Hands-On Key Cutting Class (00:02:39) Description of a hands-on key cutting class, including the tools and sponsors involved.
  • Scan Tool Class and Discussions (00:03:53) Discussion of various scan tools and their capabilities, featuring notable industry figures.
  • All-Day Hands-On Pico Class (00:05:01) Description of a comprehensive all-day training session focused on Pico technology and vehicle diagnostics.
  • Tech Talks Presentations (00:08:41) A series of presentations by industry experts on personal and professional experiences, including case studies and techniques.
  • Trade Show Experience (00:15:48) Overview of the trade show, including interactions with various booths and industry professionals.
  • Reflection on Training Resources (00:18:05) Discussion of training resources and their value for technicians, including specific recommendations.
  • The discussion about technical training (00:19:13) Exploring the changes in technical training and the expectations for the next great trainers.
  • The dedication and focus of a great trainer (00:20:23) Discussing the qualities and dedication required to become a top-notch trainer in the automotive industry.
  • The impact of training conferences (00:24:01) Highlighting the importance of attending training conferences and the benefits of networking and learning from peers.
  • Personal update and gratitude (00:25:08) Providing a personal update on a family member's health and expressing gratitude for support and interaction.

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