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Riverdale High AV Club - Megan and Ezra 18th September 2020
Extra! Extra! Archie's Weird Mysteries! (Extra Explicit Content)
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Extra! Extra! Archie's Weird Mysteries! (Extra Explicit Content)

In this episode Megan and Ezra are joined by lovely guest host (and Megan's wife) Madeline for a discussion of the TV series, Archie's Weird Mysteries! The gang starts with an in depth discussion of episode one, "Attack of the Killer Spuds", which answers the much asked question, why doesn't anyone order potatoes anymore in a little town called Riverdale?

Next up we rank some of our favorite monsters from the series, debating the merits of vampires, ghouls, and laptops possessed by evil genies. Ezra then shares the details of "Dance of the Killer Bees", a terrifying prom tale of giant humanoid bees!

Then we really earn our explicit tag with our next game "This is a fetish" where we discuss how each episode of Archie's Weird Mysteries fits into different aspects of fetish culture.

You can say hi to Madeline on Twitter @downedkey!