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The Corona Diaries - Steve Hogarth EPISODE 1, 27th April 2020
Chapter 1. This Strange Podcast
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Chapter 1. This Strange Podcast

Well it's the first episode proper and why not start by joining the dots to the lyric from This Strange Engine.

I have talked about this occasionally at some of the H Natural shows and Ant (producer & question asker) had remembered one such occurrence. So we considered it, for about the length of time it took the kettle to boil, and decided it would be an interesting place to start.

Following on from that, I have the first few chapters from the published diaries for you. Today I am reading from Volume 1, which covers 1991-1997.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and please consider subscribing and leaving a review or even some feedback via the guestbook

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The Invisible Man Volume 1: 1991-1997

The Invisible Man Volume2: 1998-2014




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