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12/10 - Make the Most of LinkedIn and an $86,000 day!
10th December 2022 • Pat Miller Show® Podcast • Pat Miller
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2023 is coming right at us and on this episode of the Pat Miller Show, Pat reminds you that there's one big thing you need to do to be ready: REST. Yes, REST. Pat lays out the strategies to get yourself ready for a huge 2023 and it's a lot easier than you think.

Also on this show:

What's Working Right Now: Kristin Jackson left her job to launch Action Fitness, her own personal training business. And, she's killing it! Join us to hear how she did it and what we can learn.

Subject Matter Expert: Sue Gresham the LinkedIn Lady will share an easy to follow strategy to improve your LinkedIn engagement and make it easier to get noticed.

Small Business Celebration: Dr. Kelly Schuh shares her big win: an $86,000 day! (WHAT?!?!) Yes, she billed $86,000 in one day and we talk about how she did it.

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