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E221 - The importance of building relationships and their influence on sales | with Dan Englander
Episode 2218th April 2022 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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Sales Schema’s ideology is relationship sales at scale. When Dan Englander created Sales Schema, it was to create a marketing agency in the B2B sector. Dan had a sales and marketing background for companies looking to scale to six and seven figures. Dan knew that Sales Schema needed a unique approach to be successful. The days of cold outreach were no longer working. Join us today on the One Big Tip podcast, and hear why a personal marketing approach is the best way to grow your business in the B2B sector, and hear how Sales Schema knocks it out of the park for its clients utilizing a warm outreach and a creative campaign. 

Sales Schema started as a business development consultancy for marketing agencies. Early on, the company’s purpose was to help businesses grow through standard marketing strategy. But the game changed. It wasn't enough to be the cool kid on the block, so Sales Schema changed its focus. Today, they are an agency that helps their clients in the B2B space keep their pipeline full by reaching out to the busy, often skeptical decision-makers using creative and personal campaigns. Their goal is not to close the deal on the first conversation instead build a relationship between decision-makers. They believe in the value of relationships and strengthening them based on commonalities between client and consumer, giving the skeptical decision-makers on Linkedin a reason to remember the message. 

The process begins with knowing who your target is. This is crucial, as you will know their pain point and how to alleviate it. The next step is to create a warm and personal outreach campaign designed with them in mind. Good copy is an essential part of outreach. In the B2B context, the first barrier that needs to be crossed is just getting a conversation started. That’s precisely what Sales Schema focuses on. We do the entire process for our clients utilizing a turnkey model. We create conversations and opportunities to begin business transactions. Over the years, we changed the industry framework from feast or famine to a pipeline full of potential warm leads for our clients. 

We found this framework to be the best way to generate leads. Entrepreneurs wear many hats, especially when they are solopreneurs. They need to understand the value of each step, from copywriting and research to outreach.  When they can’t tackle it alone, Sales Schema is there to create their opportunity. Building relationships is the best way to close sales, which is the lifeline of every business. Listen to the One Big Tip podcast and hear  Dan Englander explain the importance of building relationship sales at scale with distinct and creative campaigns.

In this episode

  • [1:09] Dan talks about how he came to create Sales Schema in 2014. 
  • [2:11] Purpose of Sales Schema and whom they target with their strategy.
  • [10:24 Need to de-risk the conversation. 
  • [13:30] People become a little bit self-obsessed.
  • [16:00] The importance of having a good copy. 

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