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SDP 59: Jonny Briggs on adapting during the pandemic and rescheduling Sheffield Digital Festival
Episode 5927th May 2020 • Sheffield Digital Podcast • Sheffield Digital
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In episode 59 of the Sheffield Digital Podcast we speak to Jonny Briggs, director of Field, Sheffield design studio and co-producers of the Sheffield Digital Festival. We talk about business during the pandemic and plans for a rescheduled festival later in the year.

Like many companies, Field Design saw big changes earlier this year at the start of the coronavirus crisis. However, it was great to hear Jonny about how he and his team have been able to adapt and are now working on a number of new projects and some others by taking a different approach. 

As for the Sheffield Digital Festival, we are all sad that it had to be postponed, but fingers crossed there will be an event at some point in 2020. We’ll let you know when we can be more certain about… everything! 

Note: this episode was recorded on Friday 22 May 2020, so please do check to see if the information discussed is still up to date when you listen. 

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