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260 | How One 30-Something Recovered From COVID-19 ft: Model Minorities Podcast Preview
7th April 2020 • The Inner Changemaker Show • Jay Wong
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Raman Sehgal and Sharon Lee-Thony are two recovering marketers who are on a mission shining a light on model minorities and holding space for an overdue conversation of how our ethnic backgrounds play a role in how we show up in business and in life.  

They are co-hosts are their NEW show; the Model Minorities podcast

They are going to be launching in the next month so we will update this page accordingly. 

Listen to the episode to hear an inspiring story of how 30-something years old got COVID-19 and recovered. You will also hear a different perspective in terms of who are the REAL heroes in this whole global pandemic ordeal. 

See more about Raman See more about Sharon

This is a NEW series on the podcast! This one is where it's not just solo episodes from me or even interviews with the world's most brilliant minds...

The series will feature all of my own clients in our podcast agency (Podcast Your Brand) where they have stood up to lead their audience and community with their voice and their podcast.

We are talking REAL examples with REAL leaders.

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