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Neville Medhora Talks Copywriting - Neville Medhora EPISODE 19, 10th November 2020
#19: Starting a 1.7million reader email list with Sam Parr of TheHustle

#19: Starting a 1.7million reader email list with Sam Parr of TheHustle

We discuss newsletters, email marketing, and copywriting with Sam Parr of TheHustle. Make sure to subscribe for more videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/kopywriting?sub_confirmation=1

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Sam Parr originally worked for the TV show American Pickers, then started an online liquor store in college, then, started and ran a hotdog stand called Southern Sam’s: Wiener’s as Big as a Baby’s Arm, then started a roommate matching app called Bunk, which was then acquired by Apartment List.

When I first him he had an online store selling a poison ivy remedy called Itch Juice. Then he started a small conference called Bootstrap Live, which then turned into HustleCon, which then got really big and spun off a company called TheHustle which is a newsletter with around 1.3m readers a day. Then he spun off even more products like Hustle Trends and The Ideation Bootcamp.

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