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52. (S2E16) 6 Elements of Joy With Marissa Levin
Episode 5221st April 2022 • FINE is a 4-Letter Word • Lori Saitz
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My guest this week is Marissa Levin. We’re

talking about her spiritual journey, moving from the unconscious

beliefs that keep you stuck in fine to conscious beliefs that allow you thrive.

Why she walked away from the company she spent 17 years building. And how the

relationships in your life can help you know yourself better.


Marissa’s been an entrepreneur for more than

30 years and recently launched Marissa International with a mission of helping

one billion people access their most joyful life. She’s also a best-selling

author, speaker, transformation catalyst, and a mom of 2 incredible young men.


I love that she teaches how to say no to the

good so you can say yes to the great. Her life mantra is “when you become part

of the universe, the universe becomes part of you.” Living with a grateful

heart, she passionately believes our best life is ahead of us at every moment.



Today's episode is sponsored by Zen Rabbit.

The question many people are asking lately is how do I find and maintain peace

of mind?

With everything going on in your world, and

the world as a whole, staying grounded can be challenging.

Yet, your happiness and well-being are

dependent on your ability to find your center. To tap into your inner knowing.

Your health and sanity are at stake here.

This is where the F*ck Being Fine program for

individuals and companies comes in. It’s time to stop saying everything’s fine

when, clearly, your hair is on fire. You want to learn how to stay calm and

grounded no matter what’s going on around you?

There are people who live this way and you can

be one of them. If you’re intrigued by this possibility, message me at or text me at 571.317.1463.

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