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How to Set Boundaries in Your Coaching Practice
Episode 2323rd April 2021 • The Mindset Coach • Lara Young
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You might think you’re serving your clients better by bending over backwards for them…but what if setting boundaries helped you to be a better coach?

There needs to be a balance between serving your clients to get them the very best results and empowering them with their independence and responsibility. If you’re constantly over-delivering, you’re teaching your clients that they can expect this premium service from you without putting in any extra effort themselves.

So, it’s important to set boundaries in your coaching practice – not only for your sake but also to ensure that your clients are getting the best possible service from you.

I explore the three most important areas you need to set boundaries as a coach in this podcast episode. I break down why you need to protect your time, energy, and financial resources, and how setting these boundaries can help make you a better coach.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to use boundaries
  • The three key areas to introduce boundaries in your coaching practice
  • How to set clients’ expectations
  • Why your calendar is a powerful tool to manage your time
  • The three types of energy you should protect and restore
  • What to consider when pricing your coaching
  • …and much more!