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Julian Cagadas - Nuclear Deterrence
Episode 4226th October 2021 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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Hours and Hours of Boredom Filled With Sheer Seconds of Terror

Welcome to a special edition of the Elevate.Together.Podcast. Inside the Engine Room, where we highlight the stories and people who help bring you Elevate's award-winning products and services.   Our host for this series is Dr. Daniel Katz, Vice President of Data Science and Innovation at Elevate.  His guest today is our Elevate colleague, Julian Cagadas. 

[00:50]   Let's meet Julian…

[02:12]   Someone has to answer the red phone but rest assured it takes more than one person to 'push the button'.

[04:45] A job at Accenture and law degree start to shape a different future for Julian.

[08:51] Law with a focus on innovation, technology, and business

[10:30] By aligning budgets, people, and technology, we apply process to the field of law.

[11:49] Using AI and NLP, Natural Language Processing, to extract clauses and relevant data fields from legal documents

[13:05] It's an exciting time to be in this area of the business of law.