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Understanding The Financing Process With Many Different Loan Products - Episode 76 W/ Keanna Leggett
Episode 7624th November 2022 • The Headley Group Real Estate Show • The Headley Group Real Estate Show
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It's 🚨 SHOWTIME 🚨 here on The Headley Group Real Estate⁠

Show! 📢⁠

Mortgage Loan ORIGINATOR, Keanna Leggett (@mortgagesbykeanna), is here to give you the SCOOP on a slew of mortgage topics like:⁠

1. The reality of professional life as well as the nitty-gritty of life as a mortgage loan officer, or in this case, Originator! 💥⁠

2. How Keanna & her colleagues are changing the face of mortgaging. 🤯⁠

3. How borrowing from a loan officer isn't so different from borrowing from a family member. 🤝⁠

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