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Observations and their Implications on Carry Gear
Episode 3918th January 2021 • Welcome to the Gun Show • Defensa Pty Ltd
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In this episode we do a dive into Corns recent match performance and particular failings of skills and gear while struggling from factors beyond his control.

We discuss the cause, the effects it had on performance, how that applies to individuals with less time on their firearms or a lower overall level of competency and extrapolate the issue out to likely events that could have you in a similar condition when you need your firearm the most.

We also talk about similar observations T has had with his carry gear and how unforgiving some platforms can be when you are unable to give your 100% to the firearm and the situation.

We hope you find value in this episode, it was a difficult topic to discuss openly but we thought the value outweighs the discomfort.