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Fasting or A Hunger Strike
Episode 453rd December 2021 • Words of Jesus Podcast • Don C. Harris
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"I'll pray about it." A quick phrase or action often used to relieve responsibility. The prayer makes the issue God's problem. Oh, boy. Can we be honest for a change? Fasting is to make us the person we need to be. We need guidance. Since John the Baptist, we are in a new and living way. New wine. New bottle. New covenant. Jesus brought the power [grace] to become a child of God. The new bottle is sound theology. Fantasy and dishonesty cannot contain the grace of God.



THE DISCIPLES of John the Baptist and of the Pharisees came to Jesus, troubled in their

hearts, asking:

            “Why do the disciples of John and of the Pharisees fast, but thy disciples fast not?”

            “Jesus replied:

            “Can ye make the children of the bridechamber fast, while the bridegroom is with them?  But the days will come, when the bridegroom shall be taken away from them, and then shall they fast in those days.

            “No man putteth a piece of a new garment upon an old; if otherwise, then both the new maketh a rent, and the piece that was taken out of the new agreeth not with the old.  And no man putteth new wine into old bottles [skins]; else the new wine will burst the bottles [skins], and be spilled, and the bottles [skins] shall perish.  But new wine must be put into new bottles [skins]; and both are preserved.  No man also having drunk old wine straightway desireth new; for he saith, ‘The old is better’.”


You will die in your sins - if you don't believe in me; - Jesus taught by example (not teacher/student); 1-2-3; - believe in me; - truth will set you free; son abides forever; fornication; tell you the truth, why do you not believe?; Before Abraham - I AM; immortality - Jesus only hath; first fruits of many brethern, - never see death; - dead, yet shall ye live; - die in sins if doesn't believe that I AM WHO I SAY I AM; never see death of soul, fear Him who can kill both body and soul; wages of sin is death; death is not equal to destruction