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How Stylish Steel-Toe Shoes are Empowering Women in Industry | An Interview with Xena Workwear CEO Ana Kraft
Episode 89th December 2019 • Manufacturing Happy Hour • Chris Luecke
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Anastasia Kraft loved her engineering career in project management but hated the bulky, made-for-men work boots she had to wear on job sites. Realizing that she wasn’t alone in this feeling, she created a company that would solve this problem for her and all other women in the industry…

Ana is the Co-Founder & CEO of Xena Workwear, a new Milwaukee-based industrial apparel company that’s leveling the playing field for women in engineering, manufacturing, and construction thanks to their stylish steel-toe shoes. She believes that what you wear impacts your confidence at work, but more importantly, she’s on a mission to make STEM-related fields more accessible to women.

In this episode, Ana shares her entrepreneurial journey of starting Xena Workwear, why female role models in industry are critical for getting girls interested in STEM, and how male allies can take an active role in supporting women in these industries. There are plenty of startup stories, travel tales, and Wisconsin beers to go along with these topics, so grab a cold one and join us for the conversation.

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