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The Beautiful Truth About Hospice
Episode 2622nd September 2020 • Sage Aging • Liz Craven
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For lots of people, Hospice is a scary word because it's associated with the end of life, confronting our own mortality or that of someone we hold dear is tough. And the final journey we take in this lifetime can be a challenge for the whole family. But what most people don't realize is that not only does hospice provide the patient the ability to live well, right up to the final moment, but it also provides comprehensive support to the family as well. The myths surrounding hospice lead to a really unfortunate under-utilization of it, so in this episode, we spent some time talking about a few of those myths and revealing the beautiful truth about hospice. 

My Guests

I was happy to host Andrew Molosky and Dean Forman of Chapters Health System to help me wade through some of the common misconceptions about hospice. Both Andrew and Dean found their careers in hospice through personal experiences that identified a calling and a desire to support families and empower patients during a difficult time. That's pretty common among people who work in Hospice. They are a very special bunch!

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