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Product Marketing Life - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 24, 27th November 2020
Product Marketing Life | Jordan Wade, Workday
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Product Marketing Life | Jordan Wade, Workday

We got together with Jordan Wade, Product Marketing Manager at Workday, and took a deep dive into the world of win interviews. Jordan firstly explained how his journalism background has helped his product marketing career to date, particularly in relation to interviews, why he thinks win interviews are so important as a PMM, how he likes to conduct them, who he thinks should conduct them within an org and how many ought to be carried out, plus heaps more fascinating insights on the subject. 


I think, as a product marketer, we need to be the champion of the buyer and understanding that secret sauce to why someone becomes a customer, if we really can understand that process, then we can hopefully replicate it over and over and over again and find more buyers, just like that initial person, what was it that worked for them?