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TWP 086: Emily Jorgensen - Period Poverty
Episode 8629th July 2020 • The We Podcast with Sarah Monares • Sarah Monares and Loudspeaker Studios
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You’re listening to episode number 86. Round Table Talk with Emily Jorgensen: Period Poverty

Welcome to another round table talk episode! In this episode, Heather Williams, Amy Norris and I talk with Emily Jorgensen.

Emily believes in showing up for each other. Showing up to share the real, ordinary, and extraordinary parts of life. She thinks the three most beautiful traits a human can possess are grace, rawness and vulnerability. If people possess those traits and if they are willing to do the hard work of leaning in, feeling uncomfortable and owning their stories, they can find their true purpose.

Emily started doing the hard work and she came to the realization that her purpose was to serves others, while giving grace.

When people are fully granting grace to others, they are loving them without judgment and accepting them for who they are at that exact moment in time. When people do those two things, they are able to truly show up for each other. It might be hard. It might take courage, but it is the most important thing people can do for each other.

Emily’s roots will always be in Michigan, but she loves being able to call Colorado home. She has been married to her hunk of a husband for four years and they have three of the most amazing children.

It is within one of Emily’s own difficult moment that she gained the idea for starting the nonprofit, Grace Upon Grace Project. We talk about how that all occurred and about period poverty, which is a term I never heard until I met her. Now because of her and her willingness to be courageous and show up for the call, I am able to be a part of the mission that is helping so many women and children.

You can help us end period poverty and diaper need in northern Colorado by sponsoring a woman with a month of period products or a child with a supply of diapers. Look for the links to donate in the show notes.

Connect with Emily and Grace Upon Grace Project

* Emily’s Facebook:* Grace Upon Grace’s Facebook:* Grace Upon Grace’s Instagram:

Donate to Grace Upon Grace Project and help end Period Poverty and Diaper Need in Northern Colorado HERE

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