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Insights & Speculations on the Global Housing Market with Liam Bailey
Episode 11612th September 2022 • The Capital Club • Brian Adams
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Liam Bailey is the global head of research at Knight Frank, based in London. Liam runs a team providing insight on the world's key property markets.


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Key Highlights:


[00:01 - 15:41] Housing Market Still Supported Despite Pandemic


  • Why homeowners should be positive about the longer-term outcome of the market
  • Households have built up a lot of money, which can be used in the housing market
  • The US housing market has been more affordable since the global financial crisis


[15:42 - 23:14] The Future of Work: Uncertain, but Cities Will Remain a Vital Hub


  • The future of cities is positive, with their role as incubators of growth and innovation
  • There is a real commitment from people to having fun after the pandemic
  • The future of the work/city relationships is a challenge for employers


[23:15 - 47:36] Luxury Home Markets Recovering Despite Lockdowns


  • The luxury home market on pandemic-related flight restrictions and lockdowns
  • Cross-border investment is still strong - changes in Southeast Asian markets
  • The global macro investment market sees real value in sustainable development


[47:37 - 48:53] Closing Segment


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Key Quotes:


“The pandemic has certainly made people rethink, you know, their jobs, employment, what they're prioritizing, and property. Their home is a really big central part of that with that… And it led to, you know, all these record levels of transactions in many markets, Europe, North America, even parts of Asia.” - Liam Bailey


“If you are a homeowner, and you're concerned about the value of your home, I think there are reasons why you should be positive about the longer-term outcome because there are a number of things still in the market that are supporting prices, the levels they've reached. So, for example, supply is not an issue right now.” - Liam Bailey


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