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S1: Improve your social media presence- Harriet Busby - Border berries
26th October 2020 • Scotland's Farm Advisory Service Podcast • Scotland's Farm Advisory Service Podcast
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In this episode George Gauley is joined by Harriet Busby from Border berries. Border berries is a thriving farm business, located near St Boswells in the Scottish borders.  
Harriets’ family have been growing berries since the 1960s and started by supplying jam to a local factory. Since then Border berries has grown to become the largeset pick your own berry farm in the south of Scotland and one of the few remaining out door fruit farms. 
The business has a large Facebook & Twitter presence, so we wanted to find out more about how this business ticks and uses social media to its advantage. 
You can find out more about border berries by clicking on the following links below. There have also been numerous articles written about Border berries, including a recent appearance in the scots man food & drink section – Best places to pick your own fruit in Scotland 





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