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Alternate Pathways Series: A Look at a Unique Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Program
Episode 3329th April 2022 • The Post-Graduate Pharmacist • Sean Smithgall & Taylor Steuber
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This episode explores a unique type of community-based pharmacy residency with a focus on psychiatric care. We are joined by Nataša Živak, a clinical pharmacist and residency program coordinator/residency director of The Centers for Families and Children's Community-Based PGY1 Pharmacy Residency.

Questions we discuss:

  1. What does a non-retail pharmacy community-based residency program look like?
  2. What learning experiences are available in a non-retail community residency?
  3. What does an ideal candidate look like for a focused community-based pharmacy residency?
  4. What are some of the careers residents pursue after community-based pharmacy residency?
  5. Where do you see community-based pharmacy residency going in the next 5 years?

This episode's take-aways:

  1. You don't have to have done experiences as a student that match directly to the program you are applying for. Showing a passion for the area of patient care is one of the most important things and if you know the program well you can align that passion.
  2. Each program is going to have their secret sauce of what they are looking for. It's not always easy to tell, but looking at their patient population and specialties can help narrow in on what that is. Examples from this episode include underserved patients and demonstration of community service.
  3. Saying you want to do something is not the same as showing it. Have examples from your life and experience the demonstrate a passion for unique areas of patient care like underserved communities or psychiatric care.
  4. Community-based pharmacy residencies can open a lot of doors for future career paths!

What should you do now?

  • Try some community outreach and volunteer work
  • Highlight that you are passionate about your community and making a difference, especially as a pharmacist.
  • Start researching different types of community pharmacy residencies

What should you do later?

  •  If you feel community-based pharmacy residency may be right for you, you should highly consider applying.

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