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Episode 4: Executive recruitment was once all about Advertised jobs. Today it's all about the hidden job market. An Interview with Mike Thomson Managing Partner at OneBrightDay
Episode 426th May 2020 • Career Move SECRETS with Tony Talbot • Tony Talbot
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Mike has worked in recruitment since 1994, so 26 years at the time of publication of this podcast.

Mike helped to build a significant recruitment business as a senior manager and then bought it as part of a Management Buy Out. Today he is global executive recruiter in the Low Carbon Economy.

Mike explains how Executive recruitment in the 90's was all about Advertised jobs in the national press. Today the market is all about Executive Search and the hidden job market.

Mike, like me, has not advertised a senior role online or anywhere else for over 10 years!

Mike also explains how he would look for a role if he was looking for a new role in the current market and how a specialist recruiter can add value to you job search.

Mike advocates extensive research into the company's you interview with to develop a competitive advantage and extract all possible marginal gains over your competition.



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