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Qiological Podcast - Michael Max 8th March 2020
Considering Covid-19, Methods and Safety • Craig Mitchell • Qi130
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Considering Covid-19, Methods and Safety • Craig Mitchell • Qi130

The coronavirus has not only found its way into our bloodstream and mucus membranes, it’s worked its way into our social fabric, economic relations and political disagreements. In this age of global electronic connection news of this new virus creates perhaps more noise than signal.

In this conversation with Craig Mitchell we discuss how the effectivness of Chinese medicine is based not on someone else’s successful prescription, but on our ability to skillfully apply our diagnostic methods. We also touch on the importance of not just treating this disease, but also being sure we don’t become vectors for its spread.

Doctors in the past have confronted these kinds of epidemics. Now it’s our turn at bat.

Listen in to this conversation that reminds us the power of our medicine lies in how we apply it, and the need to attend to limiting the spread of infection.

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