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Deeper Christian Podcast - NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson) EPISODE 173, 16th September 2020
Maranatha – The Lord is at Hand!

Maranatha – The Lord is at Hand!

Deeper Christian Podcast • Episode 173


This statement was a mantra of the early church, translated as "Come, Lord Jesus!"

For the early church facing hardship, difficulty, trials, persecution, and martyrdom, this cry was a hope-filled yearning of their desire to be with Jesus.

In a similar vein, Paul in Philippians 4:5, gives a profound statement as a reminder to the Church that "The Lord is at hand." 

Loaded with depth and life-changing truth, this statement must be understood in two ways … both holding tremendous significance for our lives today. 

In this episode, Nathan gives an overview of Paul's statement and invites you to listen to the full-length message on the NRJohnson Sermon Podcast.

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