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Five to Thrive Tuesday- Harnessing the Power of Transferable Skills
Episode 1118th July 2023 • Aging with Grace & Style • Valerie Hatcher
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Title: Unleashing Transferable Skills

Host: Valerie Hatcher

Episode: 11

Release Date: 07/18/23

Duration: 9 min

Show Notes:

In this episode of "Five to Thrive Tuesday," Valerie Hatcher continues the conversation on career transitions by focusing on the power of transferable skills.

Valerie highlights that many people underestimate their existing skills when considering a career change. She defines transferable skills as abilities that can be applied to various job roles and industries.

Valerie discusses five key transferable skills:

  1. Communication
  2. Leadership,
  3. Problem-Solving,
  4. Organization and Multitasking,
  5. Teamwork.

She encourages listeners to recognize and leverage these skills, even if they were gained outside of the workplace. Valerie provides guidance on identifying and showcasing transferable skills by analyzing past roles and achievements.

She emphasizes the importance of continuous skill improvement and suggests seeking opportunities for professional development. Valerie concludes by reminding listeners that embracing their unique skill set can open up exciting opportunities in their career transition journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Transferable skills are abilities that can be applied to different job roles and industries.
  • Key transferable skills include communication, leadership, problem-solving, organization and multitasking, and teamwork.
  • Transferable skills can be gained from both professional and personal experiences.
  • Analyzing past roles and achievements helps identify transferable skills.
  • Showcasing transferable skills through specific examples and achievements is crucial.
  • Continuous skill improvement is important, and seeking out opportunities for growth can enhance career prospects.
  • Recognizing and leveraging transferable skills can open up new opportunities in career transitions.

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