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Sips, Suds, & Smokes - One Tan Hand Productions EPISODE 369, 31st July 2020
You can’t guess passionfruit 3 times in a row
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You can’t guess passionfruit 3 times in a row

You can’t guess passionfruit 3 times in a row

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Co hosts : Good ol Boy Dave, Good ol Boy Kendall, Good ol Boy Mike, Good ol Boy Drew, and Good ol Gal Julieanna

SUDS  Episode – May the odds be ever in your favor to Name That Fruit in this blind tasting of 10 different fruited beers. Oh you can replicate this madness at home. This adjunct laden episode shows you just how off the pros can get it. Mike nailed one. Kendall cheated. It all stinks of rotted fruit in the end. FYI- Lemongrass is not a fruit. We taste and rate the following beer from 1-5:

9:45 Bud Light Lime  Light lager brewed with real lime peels and natural lime flavor 4.2% ABV

SUDS-1    Anheuser-Busch St Louis, MO

13:45 Collective Arts Fest Pineapple Vanilla IPA 6%ABV Milkshake IPA brewed with pineapple lactose and vanilla.

 SUDS-2  Collective Arts Brewing Hamilton Ontario Canada

18:11 Liliko’i Kepolo- Belgian white ale with passionfruit and spices 5.4% ABV

SUDS-3    Avery Brewing Company Boulder Colorado

21:10 Strawberry picnic fruit beer ale brewed with strawberries 4.8% ABV

SUDS-3  Blackstone Brewing Company Nashville TN

32:03 Bud Light Lemonade  Light lager brewed with real lemon peels and natural flavors 4.2% ABV  

SUDS-1   Anheuser-Busch St Louis, MO

34:19 Strawberry lager with Louisiana strawberries added 4.2% ABV

SUDS-1    Abita Brewing Company Abita Springs LA

37:39 Wowie   fruit beer with pineapple, apple and passionfruit. 5% ABV

SUDS-2   Rhinegeist Brewery Cincinnati, OH

41:42 Blind Pirate Double IPA with blood oranges. 7.4% ABV

SUDS-3   Monday Night Brewing Atlanta, GA

44:55 Big Blueberry Ox   First Fridays Collection saison fermented with Belgian and wild yeast with 8,000 lbs of whole blueberries aged in Oak for 14 months  8.5% ABV

SUDS-4  Boulevard Brewing Company Kansas City MO brewed in collaboration with The Bruery Placentia CA

47:47 Bud Light Orange   light lager brewed with real orange peels and natural citrus flavors 4.2% ABV  

SUDS-1  Anheuser-Busch St Louis, MO

26:01 Amish Lawn Service




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